Moving Elliptical Bike and Its Health and Fitness Benefits

Everyone dreams of a gorgeous, sexy body shape with well-cutout body curves but obesity and overweight stand in their way. By far, the healthiest and the safest ways to lose weight are through exercises: both cardio and strength. When it comes to cardio exercises elliptical cross trainers have emerged as the best cardiovascular machines in the world.

Over the years, researchers and exercise enthusiasts have been looking for the best way to ensure optimum results from elliptical cross trainers. This has led to the birth of what is known as moving elliptical bike. Currently only two companies product these great cardiovascular machines: ElliptiGo and StreetStrider.

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What Are Moving Elliptical Bikes?

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A moving elliptical bike is a revolutionary new mobile elliptical trainer which tends to duplicate the motion of the stationary elliptical trainers in a mobile or outdoor device. The two companies currently producing this cardiovascular training equipment have different designs but the basic mechanism of action is the same.

The design and construction these elliptical bikes present a mixture of a seat-less bicycle as well as an elliptical cross trainer. It can either be chained or chainless depending on the model but has a hub, a rotating axle and hub gear system which translate the axle rotation to the hub. It also has foot platforms as well as leaning steering mechanism, brakes and multiple gearing.

Benefits of Moving Elliptical Bikes

These devices have come as relief to most fitness enthusiast as well as other people keen to indulge in exercise for one reason or another. There are many benefits of moving elliptical bikes as opposed to old fashioned stationary elliptical trainers. Here are the most important benefits.

  • Outdoor use: This device gives you the opportunity to escape from the stuffed indoor exercising to enjoy fresh air even as you exercise.
  • It beats boredom: Having to exercise in an enclosed room everyday with some fitness magazine, music and the site and the smell of others’ sweat can become very boring over time. With a moving elliptical bike, you can train while having and outdoor adventure. This will in no way be boring.
  • Better results: Moving elliptical bikes helps their riders to achieve full-body weight bearing, low impact and high-cardiovascular workout while moving outdoors. The fact that the rider breathes fresh air also ensures better results. These machines were found to outsmart their stationary counterparts on all aspects measured.
  • Has a variety of uses: These mobile elliptical bikes can be used for a variety of reasons including weight loss, physical fitness, physiotherapy following recovery from an accident, outdoor adventure as well as human-powered transport.
  • Flexibility: Certain StreetStrider models have branded trainer stands which enable them to be fashioned into stationary elliptical trainers to enable indoor use when outdoor weather is not favorable.


Moving elliptical bike is promising to be the next big thing in the fitness industry. Who would want to confine themselves in a sweaty, stuffed gym when they can enjoy the fresh inspiring atmosphere and achieve even better results in cardiovascular training? If you want to lose weight, achieve physical fitness, recover from a physical injury and to enjoy great outdoor workout then try the mobile elliptical bike.

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